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PT Linxchat Global Indonesia (LGI) is a limited liability company established in January 2021 and located at Jl. Lt. Gen. S. Parman No.106, RT.3/RW.5, Tj. Duren Sel., Kec. Grogol Petamburan, West Jakarta City, Indonesia. LGI is an Information Technology company in Indonesia that is highly innovating in the development of mobile applications which was established according to and based on applicable laws in Indonesia and has obtained an Electronically Integrated Business License and an Industrial Operational Activity Permit.

LGI was founded by Tony Winarto and Angga Wirapraditya who faced similar life experiences and challenges. Their vision and mission is to create effective and efficient social commerce applications and push local products to international markets. The main focus point is to develop innovations in chat apps into social commerce mobile apps.

In the era of rapidly developing technology, chat applications are made to make it easier for users to communicate both long distances and close distances. Not only for communicating, chat applications are expected to strengthen community social interactions. One of the drawbacks of the chat application, of course, is that it cannot be used for shopping. Users cannot use chat applications for transactions. They have to visit e-commerce or marketplace to transact. In addition, communication between sellers and buyers through e-commerce is very limited.

In the development of local businesses in Indonesia, many local brands have dominated e-commerce. But this raises a new problem. This business competition causes sellers who are already big to have great rights to regulate the marketplace so that it is difficult for smaller sellers to compete. In addition, buyers do not have loyalty because they will only look for the cheapest products which results in sellers not having a long-term brand.

In the rapid development of the local business industry in Indonesia, it is necessary to have a mobile application that is easy to use and encourages local businesses. Therefore, LGI created a social e-commerce mobile application, namely, Linxchat. We believe, Linxchat is the solution to the problems that exist in local businesses in Indonesia and in the world. Through Linxchat, you can do end-to-end direct transactions from chat to transaction. For sellers, Linxchat is a solution for them to build a long-term brand. In addition, Linxchat has a service feature, which is the latest innovation to channel skills and encourage the development of local business services.

About Us