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Welcome to Linxchat! We created application as a solution and for ease of transactions. We want to be a trusted chat, buying and selling application that can help users and microbusiness in Indonesia or around the world to reach the international market.


About Linxchat

Linxchat is a social commerce platform developed by PT Linxchat Global Indonesia. Our mission is to make a solution for easy buying, selling, and booking service in one application. It's making business easier as sending a message.

In addition to providing complete messaging features in the form of various media: text, image, document, video or audio, we also provides features to open a shop to offer products and services.

Linxchat was designed by taking into account the various habits of the Indonesian people, one of which is the emphasis on the social interaction and community in building relationships between buyers and sellers/service providers. Beyond the domestic market, we always be ready to support microbusiness product and services in International Market.

Our Features

Hello, we are Linxchat ! We make transaction easier like sending a message !


Chat and Call

Keep connected with others! Start a free chat anytime and anywhere. You can freely send messages or share photos and videos. Get face-to-face with everybody instantly using voice calls. Wherever you go, you can immediately get in touch with all people around the world using Linxchat.


Booking Service

Easier ordering service as sending message !

Booking service everyday making easier life! Now, you don't have to queuing for vehicle service, asking your tattoo artist for an empty slot, or calling on a cellular network to buy a gallon of water. You can directly place orders, adjust schedules and manage service times with Linxchat.


Selling Product

Let's be connected! Make your own business and share it around the world, let them know about your business! Also you can always be connect with another professional business.

Let's Be

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